This Clamp Will Keep Your Bed Covers in Place All Night Long

I’m a notorious cover hog. Whenever I share a bed with someone, my partner always tells me they were shivering the entire night because I wrapped myself in all the blankets.
If you’re like me—or know someone like me—you’ll love the Cover Clamp. The basic premise is simple: it locks your blankets in place so they don’t shift during the night.
It works like this: lift the mattress on the side where the cover victim sleeps and place the grip pad two feet under the mattress. The strength of the grip pad plus the body weight of the person keeps the grip in place. The clamp has a two inch opening, so it can secure all the blankets you could have on the bed.


Getting up in the middle of the night isn’t a problem. Use the side release buckle on the clamp without removing the clamp or grip pad.


Your partner could pull with 30 lbs. of force and your covers will stay in place, keeping you nice and cozy all night long.


Available Here.

Check out the Cover Clamp in action in the video down below!

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