Making an Accessible Bathroom Has Never Been Easier Thanks to This Adaptable Support Bar

Sometimes, due to age or differing abilities, we need help in the bathroom. For this reason, many public washrooms come fitted with metal support bars to accommodate those who need a little helping hand. Getting these kinds of bars in a person’s home can be a trying experience, however. They’re often costly and difficult to install.
Well, with Mobeli, that is no longer a concern.

Mobeli is a series of easy to set up support bars designed specifically for your bathroom. Simply wipe down the surface where you want to set up the bar, press the bar to the wall, and flip the tabs on each of the vacuum tabs at the end of the bar.
Mobeli can be set up at any angle and in any position without any hassle. All you need is a clean, non-porous surface.


The vacuum seal is so powerful, you could do chin ups on the bar without any risk of puling it down. It will support all of your weight – and then some!


The vacuum lever also serves as a warning system. if the tab is flush with the vacuum cup, the Mobeli bar is ready to use. If the bar’s red sides are showing, it’s time to remove the Mobeli and reattach it to the wall.


Mobeli is available in white or in a metallic finish. It’s available in a variety of different lengths. It is also available with an assortment of attachments to make your Mobeli experience as comfortable as possible. It has attachable joint brackets or angle brackets so you can adapt your Mobeli to even the most obtusely shaped room.


Mobeli bars are available on Amazon, where you can also check out their accessories and alternate sizes.


Watch Mobeli be put to the test in the video below!