3-in-1 Docking Station for All Your Smart Technology

As our daily technology needs grow, we need to develop new ways to store our devices. Ideally, we need something, compact sleek, and stylish.
Evolus is a three-in-one charging dock for your Apple products. Made with recyclable materials, Evolus can charge an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and an iPad at the same time.
The Apple Watch dock is even detachable so you can bring it with you on your travels.


The adapter height is adjustable, so you no longer need to worry about whether your phone case will fit your docking station.


Best of all, Evolus is available in a number of styles, from psychedelic colors to premium leather.


Why spend $300 on a basic docking station when you can get a versatile Evolus station for only $79 through Kickstarter?


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Evolus Versatile Charging Dock