Scorch Custom Designs into Your Toast with This Pixel Toaster

Who has time for novelty licensed toasters when, for the price of a regular toaster, you can get a toaster that makes the custom toast you want any time?
Introducing Toasteroid – the pixelated smart toaster that lets you scorch any design you choose into your toast! With the Toasteroid app, you can design, share, and select your very own design. You can even set it to burn the weather right into your bread.

The Toasteroid is sturdy and can cook up to two slices at a time. The app will even give you a to-the-second count down till your toast is done. No more nasty startles when your toast pops up unexpectedly.



You can even send someone a toast message. Simply design your slice and send it to their toaster. All they have to do is load in the bread and in a matter of minutes your custom message will be toasted into their breakfast.



The Toasteroid can be yours for a measly $58 through Kickstarter!


Check it out in action below!

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