The iRoller Gets Fingerprint Smudges and Dirt Off Your Electronics Instantly!

Admit it—your smartphone or tablet screen is absolutely filthy. Between the fingerprint smudges and questionable dirt, it’s amazing we can actually see anything on our phones!
Enter the iRoller liquid-free screen cleaner. It’s designed to quickly and efficiently deep-clean your phone screen with just a few strokes!

Not only does it remove surface dirt and smudges, but it also removes bacteria from your phone!

Its small size makes it perfect for touch-ups on the go, no matter where you are.
The iRoller also comes in a convenient mini size—perfect for your smartphone!

It’s also completely reusable—simply wash it with cold water and you’re good!

Watch the iRoller in action in the video down below! If you want to purchase the iRoller, check out their Amazon page.

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