VSSL (Vessel) Is The Customizable Emergency And Survival Kit You Need

Whether you’re just going on a hike for a few hours, or spending a long weekend isolated in the country, having critical supplies is of the utmost importance. VSSL (pronounced ‘vessel’) addresses this with a variety of models that are compact, light-weight, nearly unbreakable, and weather-proof utility tool holders.


Each VSSL comes with a powerful LED light and compass, and the holder can be customized to your personal needs if you want. There is a first aid model that comes with everything needed for minor medical issues. It contains bandages, ointment, tweezers, cotton pads, ibuprofen and aspirin, and so much more. Perfect for the car or even in your bag.


There is a VSSL for camping supplies and accessories. There is a candle, Kevlar rope, fishing gear, can opener, fire starters, water purification tablets, trail markers, a wire saw (with handles), a razor blade, an emergency whistle, and many more useful items.




Additionally, there is a model that provides emergency shelter and protection from the elements. There is even a model for dealing with zombies, and a portable flask with collapsing shot glasses. The LED lights on all VSSL models have a dual function; working as a simple flashlight or as an emergency SOS signal.





On top of it all, this Canadian company offers all the accessories and tools for re-order, so you will always have what you need wherever you go, and no matter your adventure. The ingenious and useful VSSL will reliably be there by your side to help ensure you’re prepared.



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