Turn Any Surface into a Lego Wall

Who needs to draw on the walls when you can LEGO on the walls? Introducing Brik Tiles – the unlicensed LEGO-compatible surface that can be adhered to most surfaces!
Just peel off the backing, stick it to the surface of your choice, and you’re good to go! Brik Tiles come in various colors, shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect building surface for your home/office. Many brick-building toys aren’t LEGO-ready, but Brik Tiles lets you use your existing LEGO sets on your walls.

You can even cut Brik Tiles to the size you want. You can also buy Brik Clips to hang your keys and other objects off your Brik Tile walls!


Brik Tiles are available through Kickstarter for only $20! So buy now and buy many. You’ll be the most popular parent around.

Check out this adorable video below to see Brik Tiles being put to use!

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