The Umbrella That Never Gets Wet

Ah, the rain. Such a beautiful thing to encounter on your walk home from work. As the raindrops pour down on you like no tomorrow, the logical thing most people would do is: pull out an umbrella. However, traditional umbrellas are quite annoying to deal with. They’re really fragile and shake at the slightest bit of wind, they break really easily, and just when you thought you were safe and inside the house now, your wet umbrella spills water all over the floor. You can solve all these inconveniences with this new umbrella, created by these two young entrepreneurs, called the Beau Nuage.

The Beau Nuage is a state of the art umbrella that’s the first of its kind, a waterproof umbrella. The canopy is made of a polyester with a 200 thread count and is coated with a water repellant treatment. This allows raindrops to simply slide along the canopy instead of getting your umbrella wet. No more annoying plastic bags to store your used umbrellas in.


Speaking of things to store your umbrellas in, the Beau Nuage comes with its own revolutionary cover as well. It uses three-layer technology to retain the water drops from your umbrella and lets you even put your wet umbrella in your bag.



The Beau Nuage also has a very durable frame. The creators have used high-performance materials to individually choose the materials that would work best for each component of the frame. This will allow the umbrella to survive the most harsh of conditions. Accompanied with the amazing frame, is an ergonomic handle making it more enjoyable to hold and touch.




The Beau Nuage is currently running a campaign on Indiegogo where you can get a Beau Nuage umbrella for a special early bird deal of $34.

Be sure to act fast if you want to get your hands on one early!

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