The Pillow That Acts Like Another Bed For Your Head

The Purple® Pillow is the world’s first no-pressure head bed. Now, traditionally, most pillows are made from lumpy foam, pokey feathers or memory foam. None of the materials really consider the needs of your head and they aren’t exactly the most comfortable either. And that’s where the Purple® Pillow comes in. Your head deserves better than those pillows that go flat and lose shape.
From the team that created the Purple Bed, the world’s first no-pressure bed, Purple brings you a pillow made of their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer (stretchy purple material in the form of triangles). This Hyper-Elastic Polymer gives your pillow the lateral strength it needs to ensure that your head never sinks or shifts while you’re dozing off.


Included with your Purple® Pillow, is an adjustable air booster that adds a little bit of extra height onto your pillow. This ensures a better sleeping position for people that sleep on their side, or a better sleeping experience for snorers.



Purple knows that your head has its own set of personal needs. It needs:

– To be supported and comfortable
– Your shoulder needs some strain relief
– Your neck needs gentle, yet firm support
– You need breathability so your head stays cool all night
– You need a pillow that keeps its shape so you aren’t waking up and readjusting.

And your traditional pillow you’re using right now, just isn’t cutting it. If you’re having the same problems with your mattress, Purple also makes full beds of the wonderful rubbery stuff! Both are available on their campaign page


So what are you waiting for? Just like the Purple Bed in the past, the Purple® Pillow is on Kickstarter right now, and by pledging $69 or more, you’ll be able to get one just in time for Christmas!

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