The ‘Halo’ Is The World’s First Real Smart Collar For Pets

For those who have furry family members, keeping an eye on them can be of significant importance. We want to make sure they’re staying out of trouble. With our busy and often-changing schedules, keeping tabs on your pet can become rather difficult. Not anymore.


The Halo collar is the world’s first smart collar for pets, with a built-in high definition camera, two-way audio functionality, and even GPS tracking. It offers you insight into your pet’s day from their perspective, and lets you communicate with them, helping ensure they don’t chew or eat things they’re not supposed to.


They have taken a good collar and improved it with all the technology available to us and they came up with this durable and waterproof addition that is sleek and comfortable for your pet to wear. By connecting it to the associated smartphone app, you can keep tabs on your pet, get notifications, face-time, and even give commands and speak to them while you’re away.


And in the regrettable and unwanted situation where a pet wanders off and runs away, the GPS tracking feature on the Lunar model means you could theoretically track down your pet in record time, and the two-way audio can hopefully get them to stay in one place for long enough to be reached. All in all, it’s a grand product in a tiny package that will give you peace of mind.

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