Toss Your Trash in This Vehicle Garbage Bin

There are few things more embarrassing than giving someone a ride in a messy car. Unless you have children, there are few excuses for a car filled with litter and crumbs. The only reason houses aren’t eternally messy is because we have specially-designated bins for storing our waste.
Well, now we have them for cars, too! Introducing Carbage Can, a new and innovative garbage bin for your vehicle. Every vehicle, actually.

With a set of handy hooks, you can secure your Carbage Can to your floor mat. Now, you have a reliable way to dispose of your trash! The hooks are removable and detachable so you can move the can around without ruining your floor mats. They stay hidden well under the mat, and won’t bother your feet.


The Carbage Can fits anywhere in your car, so you can get one for any of your passengers (not the driver, though – for obvious reasons). The trash bin is also impossible to knock over, so no child or bout of bad driving will send your undesirables spewing about the car.

The bin itself is large enough to store your trash, but not big enough to become a nuisance. It’s about 8.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide.


Carbage is also environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled plastic.

Right now, you can get your very own for $15 through Kickstarter!


Check it out below!

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