Keep an Eye on Your House with This Security Robot

Home security is important, but it can be hard to decide which service is best for you. Well, what if the best security service is the one that you provide?
This is Atom, a security robot that requires no installation. Atom records all goings-on in your house, storing the footage for you to look back on whenever you like.

Atom is voice-responsive, so you can talk to it if you need to. Atom’s face detection software lets you know when an unknown person is in your house and, through Atom’s two-way speaker, you can let any burglars know you’re watching.


Atom also has night vision technology, so you can see clearly no matter what time of day it is. Do you have a pet or a child? Well, you can also set your Atom to avoid recording or detecting certain parts of the house to prevent any false alarms.


Atom can be yours through Indiegogo for $149!



Check it out below!

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ATOM Security Camera Robot