This Lunch Bag Turns into a Placemat!

We all worry about germs getting in our food or on our hands. We carefully pack our food and wash our hands before eating—but we rarely think about the surface we’re eating on, and all the germs that harvest there.
Enter the FlatBox. It’s a lunchbox designed to unfold into a placemat, giving you a clean, germ-free place to eat your meal.

Using a clever origami-style design, it unzips in seconds to make a flat surface for food. And when you’re done your meal, simply zip the zippers up and the FlatBox transforms back into a sturdy lunch bag.

The FlatBox is machine washable and made from quality neoprene, ensuring it can stand up to anything it might go through in a day.



Plus, the FlatBox is designed to keep hot food hot and cold food cold, making food safer and more enjoyable to eat!


The Solvetta FlatBox is available on Amazon for $15!

Check out the FlatBox in action in the video down below!

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