A Tiny Device That Turns Anything Into A Speaker

The Rock-It 3D Box Speaker is a small device that looks like a USB charger, but it’s way more than that. Using a small cable with a sensor like a hospital monitor, it transmits sound waves into whatever it’s attached to.
Easily turn a cup, tissue box or container into a fully-functional speaker system!
The system is powered by a built-in battery that you can recharge. Plug it in for 2 hours and get 10 to 12 hours of music.



The trick is to get really hollow objects, because the deeper they are, the better the sound quality you’ll get. They work with any phone, iPod, computer and tablet, as long as it has the standard 3.5 mm jack.


The Rock-It is great for parties, pool days, in your cubicle or at home. Basically anywhere you want to rock out!


The Rock-It speaker is currently available on Amazon.