The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

This Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle is just the size of a briefcase but is strong enough to provide a smooth ride for passengers up to 250lbs. Powered by a three hour charge the Unicycle can propel you along for up to two hours at 13 mph. Perfect for a weekend’s recreation or whizzing through the city!

You can master this machine in mere moments. Its gyroscopic sensors keep you perfectly balanced as you stand on the two folding foot plates, using just a slight lean to turn and swerve. Lean forward while gripping the handlebars to speed up and lean back to come to a slow stop, all without jolting or jerking.

The neat design ensures that clothing won’t get snagged and even heavy backpacks won’t unbalance your ride, and the knobby tires ensure that every surface is a safe ride. You’ll turn heads as you travel with panache and style!

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