Windcatcher – An Inflatable Mat That Inflates In Seconds With The Power Of Your Lungs

Want the comfort of an airbed while camping or spending a day at the beach without the hassle of pumping it up? Then the Windcatcher Air Pad was designed just for you!

Using simple science principles and the awesome properties of air, the Windcatcher Air Pad is capable of inflating at an amazing speed. All you have to do is hold the large opening and blow. The fast moving air stream from your mouth draws in the surrounding air; greatly amplifying your every breath.

Sanitary and silent; no part of the Windcatcher ever touches your mouth and simple air means no noisy powered pump. The specially designed one way valve keeps the Windcatcher inflated and allows you to deflate it instantly.

Combine the Windcatcher Air Bag to the Air Pad and it becomes an air filled chair for lounging.

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