The Most Fun Way For Your Kids To Travel in Style

Toddlers can be pretty picky when it comes to traveling. They want to carry their own bags, even though they’re barely bigger than them!
The people at Trunki know just how insistent your kids can be, so they’ve invented a perfect middle ground.
Trunki is a kid’s piece of luggage. They are durable, hard-shelled, bright and fun!
They’re designed with wheels so your child can ride on them, with handles on the front so they can hold on.

You can buy a pre-existing design, or create your own. With all the customizable features, Trunki can have up to a billion different variations!
Each suitcase comes with a protective bag to keep it in good condition when you’re not using it. The add-on packs also come with face stickers, so your baby can make the luggage into a friend.


They come in every pattern imaginable, from a house cat to a firetruck.


Products range from $35-$80, depending on what add-ons you have. They are available from Amazon.

via Trunki
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