Suspension System Lets Your Recreational Vehicle Lean

When going around curves in a vehicle, it’s important to slow down, lest you tip your vehicle on its side. Well, the good folks at Wesll decided that you don’t need to moderate your speed – your vehicle should be way more forgiving when going around corners.
Introducing the Wesll leaning suspension system – the coolest way to soup up your recreational sports vehicle.

Whether you’re into snowmobiles or ATVs, Wesll lets you take your vehicle to a whole new angle – literally! Wesll suspensions give your vehicle a 24-inch range in either direction for maximum tilt. They’re also designed to be stable and to function effectively on rough or uneven terrains.



Wesll is designed with safety in mind, so you can feel the wind in your hair and get your blood pumping with minimal risk of personal injury.


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Watch their suspension system go down below!