Get a Gym’s Worth of Workouts From Home with This Portable Device

It’s hard to make time for everything you want to do. Unfortunately, that usually means that exercise and working out fall to the bottom of the priority list. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore thanks to the BodyBoss 2.0!
BodyBoss is a collapsable, portable, and lightweight home gym system. You can use the 5 pieces of the kit to replicate numerous different types of gym equipment with just a bar, a standing board, and resistance bands.
The resistance bands can stretch to fit people of any height – whether you’re 4 feet or 7 feet tall. Each band is wrapped in a fabric casing, so you’re protected in the unlikely even that it snaps. You can add or remove bands to increase or decrease resistance, so you can optimize your workout to your comfort level or ability.



The base also comes with special padding to give your feet a solid foot grip while you workout. Best of all, you can use the BodyBoss system just about anywhere!


With the BodyBoss 2.0, the limits of your workout are determined by your imagination. Mix and match the handles, the bar, the straps, the bands, and the door anchor to create your favorite workout. Chin-Ups? Check. Push ups? Check? Free weights? Check. Rowing machine? Check. The sky’s the limit with BodyBoss!


You can get the BodyBoss 2.0 for $139 here!

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