The Perfect Mug For Clumsy People

Have you ever had a scenario where your child spilled your mug of coffee when reaching for their lunchbox to go to school? Or maybe you were just running a bit late and while rushing to get all your things, you toppled your mug over? Not to fear, we all have those days. But now, that problem is fixed for clumsy people like you and I. With the Mighty Mug, you won’t be able to knock your mug over.
Using SmartGrip Technology, the Mighty Mug is able to withstand any accidental bumps by gripping down to any smooth, flat surface.
The best part? It lifts naturally just like any other mug. So when you’re ready to take a sip of your morning coffee, you can just lift it off your desk like any other regular mug and drink away!



There are many types of Mighty Mugs such as: a vacuum insulated Mighty Mug to keep your drink nice and warm, an ice tumbler Mighty Mug for those hot scorching sunny days and even a travel Mighty Mug to make your travels that much easier.



Still not convinced? The Unbox Therapy over at Youtube has made a review of the Mighty Mug which has generated over 11 million views. Check it out below.


You can purchase the Mighty Mug from Amazon or the Mighty Mug webpage here.

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