STACT Wine Wall – An Elegant Way To Store And Display Your Wine Collection

For all of you wine enthusiasts, you now have a way to store as many bottles as possible in the smallest amount of space, while also catching the eye of visitors.

The STACT Wine Wall is a modern, minimalist, and modular wine rack system that will turn your collection of wine into a gorgeous wall art. Create your own design using as few or as many of the space-saving STACT panels, and easily adapt to your unique space. As your wine collection expands, so can your wine wall.

Each panel is 36.5cm long (14.37in) and 28.8cm high (11.33in). They are crafted with a variety of premium wood veneer and lacquer finishes allowing for the ability to mix and match and create your own unique design. The pegs are made out of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum which is easy to assemble on any surface.

Your wine collection never looked better with the STACT Modular Wine Wall.

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