The Global Electric Swivel Surge Protector Keeps Your Cords Neat and Organized

We all know someone who has too many cords tangled up under their desk or behind their couch—and if you don’t know someone, chances are you are that person. It’s messy, and if you’re constantly shoving a heavy couch on it, it can even be dangerous.
The Globe Electric Swivel Surge Protector is here to change that! The swivel design is made to put your cords in the right, safe place.

It protects up to 2100 joules, and the two indicator lights keep you up to date on the current power status and surge protection!

It’s perfect to use with all your home electronics, and it helps you save space wherever you use it.

With a warranty of up to $300,000 of connected electronics, you can be relax knowing you’re covered!

To get your own surge protector, check out the brand’s Amazon page.

Watch the surge protector in action in the video down below!

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Global Electric 6 Outlet Swivel Surge Protector