Specialty Paint Roller Makes Intricate Roll-On Designs

For those who like the feel of paint, but want the appearance of wallpaper, this product might come in handy.
Introducing the Patterned Paint Roller by The Painted House. These two-part wallpaper applicators are designed to evenly disperse paint across a wall in beautiful patterns – the kind that could only be replicated by a sheet of wallpaper or someone with a very steady freehand.
The first roller, which measures in at 6 inches, contains the embossed pattern. The second is a material-specific applicator. There are two varieties of applicator – one for fabric walls and one for paper, wood, and other wall materials.

The Patterned Paint Roller Comes in 21 different patterns, each one just as beautiful as the last!


With so many different options, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your specific tastes!


Some are very intricate and pattern-based…


…while others are more natural in appearance…


…and others still combine the two.


Each brush is easy to clean with a simple mild washing by-hand. Best of all, they work with any standard house paints!


Check out the Patterned Paint Roller on Etsy, with applicators starting at $15 and patterns ranging from $19-26 each!

See the Patterned Paint Roller in action below!

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