Get an Authentic Safari Barbecuing Experience with This Multi-Level Open-Flame Grill

Do you like meat? Do you like vegetables? Do you eat? Do you enjoy socializing with people? If you answered maybe to any of these questions, read on!
The KUDU Safari Braai Grill is a multi-level open fire wood-powered grill that lets you customize your barbecuing experience.
Inspired by similar handmade contraptions in South Africa, the KUDU allows you to adjust the position of each of the levels by raising them, lowering them, or turning them on an axis. Depending on where the grill is in relation to the flame, you’ll get a different cooking experience.
On top of that, you can cook on the grill using pots and pans as well. It’s like a full service stove without any of the noxious gasses, electric burners, or smelly coal.


When you’re done cooking, you can convert it into an open wood pit, letting you have a nice bonfire with your company without having to dig a pit or fetch more logs!


It’s easy to assemble and take apart, so cleaning is a breeze! It’s made of heavy-gauge steel with high temp powder coating and stainless steel fasteners. The KUDU grill will last you long enough to pass it down to your next of kin!


The grill is so customizable, KUDU has planned to release a variety of accessories for it, including Dutch ovens, rotisseries, bread makers, oyster roasters, chicken roasters, Himalayan salt blocks, cast iron skillets, steel skillets, woks, and more.


The KUDU Safari Braai Grill with a KUDU Fire Pit Base, a KUDU Grill Grate, a KUDU Griddle Pan, a Bag of African Braai Wood, the Good Luck Swag Pack, African Coal Tongs, and African Cooking Tongs is available on Kickstarter for $649!


Check it out in the video below!

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