This Doorbell Lets You Speak To Whoever’s At The Door, From Anywhere Around The World!

Your doorbell is the first form of interaction your guests make when approaching your home. Whether it be a mailman delivering a package or a family relative from miles away, the interaction is the same. They’ll ring the bell.
But what happens if you don’t open the door? Maybe you were gardening, busy with school or even at work. You’ll have to pick up the package the mailman leaves at the post office.. or have a reasonable explanation for your family relative. With Ding, a simple and smart doorbell, you can avoid all of that by speaking to your guests, right at your door.

The Ding smart doorbell is composed of three parts: a subtle doorbell button, an elegant doorbell chime and a free app for your smartphone.


Using Ding is really simple. It works as a traditional doorbell. You just get the added bonus of our current ‘smart’ technology.

Your guest will ring the doorbell, and the doorbell will chime you a sound that you’ve chosen. Not only does it chime you that sound, but it also calls your smartphone, notifying you that someone’s at the door. You’ll now have the option to answer the door, or speak to your guest from your phone. No more missing important packages!


Setting up Ding is just as simple. You just attach the doorbell to the front of your house, place the chime anywhere in the house and connect it all using your Wi-Fi connection and the smartphone app. The app also features many other settings such as a time to silence your chime when everyone’s asleep.




Ding comes in a charcoal color but they are releasing a limited edition Ding in the color of: teal, cobalt, or salmon depending on votes.


If you want to get your hands on the limited edition Ding or just a regular one, it is available on Kickstarter for $119.

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