Pillowy Hot Tub Can Be Set Up Virtually Anywhere!

Is your hot tub not malleable or portable enough?
Well, you should take a look at the Softub!
soft tub 1
The Softub is an innovative new hot tub, designed for indoor and outdoor use, that takes next to no effort to set up!
With one person, three steps, and a single standard electrical outlet, the Softub is good to go! It’s compact and can fit inside a small backyard or even your house. There’s no installation, so it’s quick and safe to use inside.
soft tub 3

The Softub rolls up small enough that it can fit through any doorway, in the back of any truck, or in any closet. Best of all, these full-size hot tubs only cost between $14-$16 a month to run – peanuts compared to their hard shelled counterparts. But best of all, their Leathertex exterior and Polybond interior makes them strong enough to withstand the weight and force of a full-sized elephant! Depending on the size you get, they seat a normal amount for a hot tub, about 4-6 people. Reviews of the SoftTub say it’s incredible comfortable and restful to kick back and relax in this squishy pool.

You can also buy wrap around porch seats for them and other extra accessories on their website.

soft tub 2

The Softub can be all yours for just $3595! Check it out here.

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