Smart Ring Keeps You Safe At All Times

As interconnected as we are in the internet age, there are times when technology fails us. 911 call centers are more backlogged than ever due in part to the ease of cell phones. But phones can be hard to maneuver in emergency situations. What if there were a way to call for help with just the subtle tap of your thumb.
Well, there is now.
Nimb 4
Nimb is an all-new smart ring, designed to be worn around your finger. The device is discreet and looks like a typical piece of jewelry. In reality, Nimb is a beacon, activated by the press of a tiny button on the inside of your finger, designed to alert authorities, private security, your family and friends, and/or other Nimb users when you are in danger.
Nimb 5
Nimb can be used by anyone – men, women, kids, everyone! Nimb can be programmed by adjusting your settings in the Nimb app. With Nimb, you’re never alone – even when you’re alone.

Nimb 2

Through Kickstarter, you can get Nimb for a fraction of the retail price – only $115!

Check out the pitch video below.

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