Live Stream Your Home Security System from Your Phone

You don’t have time to keep watch over your house all day long and a traditional security system gets pricey fast. The best person to look after your house is you – and Withings is here to help you do that.
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Withings is a smart camera home monitoring system that lets you keep an eye on your home at all times.

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Withings records 24/7, keeping a two day “diary” of all activity in your home. Additionally, you can watch 24-hour time lapse footage of your house.

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Any time activity is detected in your house, Withings will send a notification through the Withings app directly to your phone. It can even monitor the air quality in your house and let you know when pollution is detected. It’s like a super-powered carbon monoxide detector!

The Withings is mostly meant to be a baby monitor. It can check heartrate, breathing, send video, and monitor air quality in your baby’s room while they sleep.

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Withings has a 135 degree view with no fish eye effect that displays in quality 1080p. It even has two-way microphone/speaker (so you can hear your baby, and your baby can hear you), night vision, and a light sensor that turns on ambient lighting when it senses darkness.

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All of this can be yours for only $200!

Check it out in the video below!

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