The SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner Is The Easiest Way To Remove Rib Bones And Skin From Your Fillet

If you’ve ever gone fishing before, you’ll understand the struggles and the hassle of skinning your fillet that you caught.
Not only do you have to wrestle with the skin and rib bones to clean the fish, but you’ll also lose chunks of meat in the process.
That’s where the SKINZIT comes in.

The SKINZIT is an electric fish skinner that easily skins and removes the rib bones from your fillet.
It’s fully automatic and simple to operate.
Just plug it into a regular AC wall outlet to charge. When ready to use, firmly press the trigger as you approach the fillet and it removes the rib bone.


Do it for another pass to remove the skin from the fillet.

That’s it! With just a tiny device, the SKINZIT can clean your fish in half the time it would have taken you and go right to enjoying that delectable meal.

To clean the SKINZIT, just remove the roller and clean the roller and shaft before re-assembling for further use.

The SKINZIT is available for purchase on Amazon.

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