The Invis Mx2 Joinery System Lets You Connect and Detach Materials with Magnet-Driven Connecting Fittings

The Invis Mx2 Starter Kit is a kit that includes studs and connectors that are easily screwed into prepared 12mm drill holes using a cordless drill.
To use it, first, screw in the prepared 12mm drill holes.

The MiniMag is then fixed to the cordless drill and then rotated on the surface of whatever you are connecting to close with a clamping force of 250kg per connector.

To undo the connection, simply reverse the rotational direction of the drill.

This is great for applications like installing stairs, and wall panels without having holes leftover you’d have to cover.

The Invis Mx2 Starter Kit is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Invis Mx2 Starter Kit