Self-Contained Portable Bonfire For A Quick And Easy Fire

Who doesn’t love a good fire? Unless you have pyrophobia, warm and crackling fires in your fireplace or outside among the stars are one of life’s simple but greatest pleasures. But who has the time or the energy to routinely gather firewood? Some do, but others prefer a bit more ease and comfort when it comes to their fires.
Plow & Hearth have come up with a compact, effective, and not so messy portable bonfire of sorts that can warm up your starlit gathering in no time. No firewood or kindling are required; you only need a way to light the included Fatwood. Just drop the lit Fatwood through the chimney hole, then sit back and relax as you enjoy over three hours of burn time.
It even comes with a handy little handle for ease of transportation to your chosen fire pit destination. It’s great for the backyard, the beach, or the quiet countryside with only the stars for company. You purchase them from the company website, or from Amazon.


via Plow & Hearth
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