Portable Self-Sustaining, Off-grid Ecocapsule House

The Ecocapsule provides a new sustainable living option that is portable, fits almost anywhere, and can be on or off the grid. Complete with its own wind turbine, solar cells, and rainwater collection, the Ecocapsule can be used for extended off-the-grid living for up to a year, for two people.
Designed from scratch, the Ecocapsule provides all the conveniences of running water and power with an included toilet, shower, and kitchen. A double bed, storage, and work space flesh out the rest of the Ecocapsule.



High-efficiency solar cells garner 600 watts of power. The attached low-noise wind turbine generates 750 watts day and night. The battery pack can last about four days by itself, but it’s unlikely to fully drain with wind and solar power recharging it.


The Ecocapsule is shaped to minimize heat loss and is also optimized for rainwater collection. The collected water goes into storage tanks and is filtered for use. The home can be rolled and rotated on a flat surface, hooked up as a camper, carried by shipping container, and more.

The Ecocapsule is ideal for eco-living, travel, studio space, guest housing, or a quiet getaway. Preordering is available now for the exclusive version. An affordable version is coming soon.

via Eco Capsule
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