Drone Follows You While Snowboarding, Surfing, and More!

Sick kickflip, dude. Too bad nobody caught it on camera.
Oh wait, actually, YOU did.
Or at least you can with the FlyPro XEagle.
The FlyPro XEagle is a propeller-powered, smartwatch operated camera drone designed for the adventurer in you. Wether you’re hiking, snowboarding, surfing, or just looking to get some great footage in hard to reach places, this drone’s got you covered.

The drone comes with a variety of features to keep your drone safe and to make losing it a virtual impossibility. It’s even available with a 4k camera!

Drone features

With ingenious smartwatch controls, you can control the drone’s camera (still photography and video), it’s altitude, following distance, and more!

The watch’s rotating knob is designed to let you dictate your drone’s positioning in relation to you without having to clumsily fumble with complicated controls.

Through their ongoing Kickstarter campaign, you can get your very own drone for only $259 – $230 off the estimated retail price!

drone 3

Check out their pitch video below to see the drone in action!

Where to buy
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