Save Water and Money with this Simple Shower Attachment

We use a lot of water. Like, A LOT a lot. The most obvious place we can see this water waste is in the shower. Every minute in the shower uses about 2.5 gallons of water. That is, scientifically speaking, a lot of water.
Well, now there’s SWON. SWON is a water conservation device that attaches to your shower head. With SWON, you can track your water usage through the SWON app.

On top of that, SWON can be set to beep when you’ve reached your preferred shower time limit. Similarly, it can be programed to beep when your water reaches your preferred temperature.



SWON has a battery life of about a year and will let you know when the battery needs to be replaced. It can also connect to a number of internet-enabled devices, such as phones, smart house lights, and Google Nest smart home systems.


The shower head is designed to reduce your water usage by 20%. Simply put, it decreases the outflow while also increasing the speed of the water, so you won’t notice a difference!


The SWON is available for $35 on Kickstarter.


Check it out below!

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SWON Conservation Shower Head Attachment