Bag Sealer Will Keep Your Food Fresh and Crisp

If you’ve ever had a plastic bag rip open on you, then you might consider this product. If you’ve ever had food go bad because a bag was left open, you definitely should consider this product.
The DOB Plastic Bag Sealer is a simple alternative to the chip clip. With one smooth motion, you can reseal any plastic bag as if it were fresh off the factory line.

Simply pinch the sealer over one end of the opening and pull it across to the other end. Immediately, the bag will be sealed shut as if it were never opened.


The sealer takes two AA batteries, so you never need to worry about charging it. On top of that, the sealer only works when the top and bottom are pressed together, so there’s no risk of accidentally leaving it on!


The DOB Plastic Bag Sealer is available on Amazon for $12.99! See how it works below!

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