Clean Even The Smallest Of Areas With This Vacuum Cleaner Attachment!

Dust and dirt are found often when cleaning, even in the smallest and tightest of spaces. This makes it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to clean them with our current vacuum systems.
Sure you could try to suck it all up with a vacuum nozzle, but those are large, may suck up small parts and things in the process, as well as, damage the area you’re cleaning. That’s why the father and son duo, Dominic and Niko, invented the Dusty-Brush.

The Dusty-Brush acts as a vacuum nozzle and a brush. Instead of using one large opening for the vacuum, the Dusty-Brush uses multiple small suction areas through many tubes. This allows small objects and parts to not get lost and very small areas can be cleaned effectively. Since it has the functionality of a brush, it fits into all uneven surfaces.


Thanks to its special high-molecular weight thermoplastic polymer, the Dusty-Brush will not break. It’s heavy-duty, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing multiple.


The Dusty-Brush is even antistatic, allowing you to clean even electronic devices without worrying. It also comes in three different adapters to connect to any of your current vacuum cleaner tubes.




If you want a Dusty-Brush, you can back their campaign on Kickstarter, and get one for $30!

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