Be Safe And Avoid Drowsy Driving With StopSleep!

We’ve all had it happen before. Whether it be a long road trip or not enough sleep from the night before, some drivers drive with fatigue and tiredness at the wheel, losing concentration and reaction speed.
The real problem is: fatigued drivers overrate their abilities. They think they can drive perfectly fine and make it home safe. With the Anti Sleep Alarm StopSleep, this little device sends signals to you while you’re driving, recognizing the loss of concentration and prevents microsleep.
The StopSleep is a simple, portable device that may just save your life. You just slip the device onto your fingers before you drive, and it’s ready to go.

With the StopSleep’s universal one-size fit design, it analyzes your electrodermal activity using 8 skin sensors.


This allows StopSleep to reliably detect two states drivers may fall into: 1) falling asleep or 2) reduction of reaction (caused by drowsiness). Both these symptoms are dangerous for the driver and will cause StopSleep to send warning signals: sound and vibration to alert the driver that it may be time to pull over and rest.


Just like a seatbelt, the StopSleep is a preventative measure for drivers to be safe.


If you would like a StopSleep today, you can get it on Amazon for $189.

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Anti-Sleep Alarm To Alert Drowsy Drivers