The Solar Powered Auto Cooling Fan System Keeps Your Car Cool Even When It’s Parked in the Sun

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve parked my car on a blazing, hot, summer day and came back to the seats burning my legs. It’s even worse when your seats are leather!

This little gadget called the Auto Cooling Fan System is a little device to help circulate the hot air out of your car even when it’s parked on a hot day.


It basically works as a solar powered ventilation system. The idea is to use the UV rays from the sun to power the device. This turns the fan on and pushes the hot air out of your car through a small vent that goes up and around your window.

To use it, simply attach the Auto Cooling Fan System at the top of your car window and roll it all the way up.

It comes with weather strips for a watertight seal that will keep your window secure while you’re away while keeping the car cool through the small vent in the device.

No more unbearable temperatures when you come back to your car. The best part? It needs no batteries or cords since it’s solar powered!

Just throw it in the glove compartment and use it on a hot day.

The Auto Cooling Fan System is available for purchase on Amazon.

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