The SnapPower SwitchLight Turns Your Light Switch Into A Nightlight

Have you ever woken up from your sleep in the night, needing a glass of water, or having to go to the bathroom?
If you have, you’ll understand the struggle of not being able to see during the night. That’s why most of us have a nightlight. But a nightlight has many problems such as:

That’s why, the SnapPower SwitchLight was invented.

The SnapPower SwitchLight is a sleek LED Nightlight built into a light switch cover. It installs in just seconds in your existing light switch and matches the decor of your home.

It comes with many features such as: a light sensor to determine when it will turn on/off and an adjustable switch for brightness and dimming.

You can use it anywhere in your home such as: entryways, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

The SnapPower SwitchLight is available on Kickstarter.

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