Residue-Free Adhesive Gel Pads Let You Stick Anything, Anywhere

Adhesives: they either stick too well or not well enough. There’s rarely an in-between. Some adhesives market themselves as completely reuseable and restickable. Well, most of the time that’s a flat out lie, but once you see Fixate gel pads in action, you’ll know that they’re for real.

Fixate is an adhesive pad that sticks to virtually any surface. It attaches and detaches without leaving any residue behind! That means you can stick it to anything or stick anything to it without leaving any trace of icky glue gunk.

Best of all, you can rinse and wash your Fixate gel pads without them losing their adhesiveness. They’ll work just as well as the day you bought them.


They work almost like magnets, gripping tight to the surface without any resistance when you try to pull them off.

They come available in two shapes – circle and triangle.


They are available on Amazon here. Check out their unbelievable strength below!

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Fixate Adhesive Gel Pads