Save Space With the Ultimate Compact Air Pump

Air: it takes up space. Why shouldn’t it? It’s everwhere.
It’s common knowledge that the best way to save space when packing is to remove as much air as possible. It’s also common that inflatable devices need to be inflated. Between packing inflators and deflators, all the space you saved has been taken up again. That’s what the Max Pump is for.

Max Pump is the ultimate air managing device. The size of a large smartphone, the Max Pump can fill or deflate anything in a matter of seconds. Vacuum bags? No problem. Pool donuts? Big deal.


At 50% of the cost of a full-size pump, the Max pump is mighty powerful and available in a waterproof model.


Through Indiegogo, this handy pump can be yours for only $19!



See it in action in the video below!

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Max Pump: Portable Air Pump