Craft the Perfect Cider at Home

At times, it seems that wine and beer connoisseurs have the corner on the craft brewing market. Gin, scotch, rum, and other stronger liquors are too dangerous to brew at home. Making moonshine is illegal. If you want the craft brewing experience but aren’t a big fan of beer or wine, try ALCHEMA instead.

ALCHEMA, named both for alcohol and the pseudoscience of alchemy (turning things into gold), is a craft brewing system designed specifically for ciders. With just some water, fruit, sugar, and yeast, you can make your very own batch of cider.


You can choose to follow the recipes in the ALCHEMA app, or experiment with your own. The app will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you’ve added, so you can get the perfect brew every time.


The app also lets you wirelessly control your ALCHEMA system so you can start it remotely. It even monitors your brew status, keeping you up to date on your brew’s progress.


Alchema is an objectively cleaner, safer, and less costly alternative to traditional cider brewing. There is no risk of explosion and ALCHEMA’s self-cleaning system is designed to keep your pitcher clean and make your brew safe for consumption.


Through a special Kickstarter offer, Alchema can be all yours for only $359 – complete with limited edition etched cider glass!


Check it out below!

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