Record And Read Aloud Any Picture Book In The World With Sparkup!

Story time is the best chance for you to bond with your child before they go to bed. But what if you’re busy? or on vacation? You don’t have time to read aloud the story for your child. That’s where Sparkup comes into play. It’s a magical book reader that records and reads aloud any picture book, in any language, using your voice!

It’s very simple to start using. First, you clip the Sparkup to any picture book you want to read to your child.


Then, begin reading the book as you normally would to your little one. Sparkup will begin to record each page you read and recognize the pictures through its integrated camera.


And you’re finished! That’s all you need to do to setup your Sparkup for your little one.

Now whenever you’re away, he/she can pick out any story that was prerecorded, and Sparkup will read it aloud to them in your voice! It’s a smart device, recognizing each page with the pictures and text, so if your child decides to skip pages, Sparkup will know.




You can record multiple voices, so that your child will be able to play their loved ones recordings anytime, anywhere.


The Sparkup Magical Book Reader can hold up to 50 books at 250 minutes of recording space. However, it also acts as a flashdrive, so you can just move the extra books to your computer if you need to free up some space. It’s that easy!


It’s currently unavailable and out of stock on Amazon, but be sure to join the waitlist to be notified when it’s back in stock.