Get Every Last Drop Out Of Your Tube Products With This Nifty Tool

Tube products are used everywhere in our daily lives. Whether it be toothpaste, sunscreen, or even paint, they all come in this form: a plastic or metal tube. There’s only one problem with these: they are nearly impossible to completely empty. You can squeeze, pinch, or roll the tube as carefully as you want, you won’t be able to get everything out. You may think it’s not much but did you know that 20% of your tube products go straight to the landfill because of this problem?

That’s why Product Evolutions created this product: The Big Squeeze.


The Big Squeeze is the first ergonomic tube squeezing tool that quickly and easily empties any tube. Featuring an easy to grip ergonomic handle, the Big Squeeze pushes the contents of the tube forward using gears, while flattening and crimping the empty portion.



Just pull out your Big Squeeze when your tube becomes difficult to empty. To use it, simply insert a tube between the gears, squeeze the handles, and turn the crank. You’re done! It’s that easy.



The Big Squeeze is designed to handle tubes up to 3″ wide. With a small size of 7.4″ length x 3.4″ width x 1.5″ height, this nifty tool can be left in your drawer like a regular can opener. It is available in 4 different colors: Lime Green, Indigo Blue, Bright Orange, and Hot Pink.



You can get the Big Squeeze on Kickstarter for $28.

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