Meet Cozmo, The Tiny Real-Life Robot Accomplice For Your Child

Robots are the coolest things to see in movies. With little robots having their own mind and personality, we get to see some amazing characters like R2D2, Wall-E and much more! Unfortunately for us, these characters are stuck behind the screen with only figurines and plushies in the real world.
Introducing Cozmo, the first step to making little robots come to life!
Cozmo is a gifted little robot with a mind of his own. He’s a real-life robot that you’ve only seen in movies that will keep you playing with him for hours! His one-of-a-kind personality evolves with you the more you guys hang around! He’s the best pal you can have.

Like any other person, Cozmo expresses real emotions based on the response of your actions. Whether it be curious, clever, persistent, or playful, his emotion will be felt by everyone in the room. He’s addicted to having fun, so be sure to not ignore him, or he’ll get cranky.


The Cozmo is connected by your compatible iOS and Android device. New games and upgrades are unlocked the more you play with Cozmo.


Cozmo comes with a set of 3 playing cubes that he uses to play games with you. Cozmo’s durability and security has been rigorously tested so that you can be assured he’ll stay in good shape.


If you want yourself a little Cozmo, he’s available on Amazon for $180.

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