Recognize Any Font With This Handy Tool

Nowadays, most of us type more than we write by hand. As such, fonts are a sort of asset. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a font that you like being used by a friend or colleague and they’ll be able to tell you what it’s called and where to get it. Sometimes, however, you see it online or on a sign and have no way of figuring out what it’s called or how to get it. That’s where Spector comes in.
Spector 2

Despite the name or its homonym, it has little to do with ghosts or secret societies. Rather, it’s a personal, wireless font detector. With the click of a button, Spector will adjust your typed copy to match the font, size, and style of any text it reads. Simply place Spector on the page of your choice, click, and you’re good to go! Spector can even send the font to your computer.

Spector 1

Just turn the dial and you can set Spector to recognize colors, too! Spector also saves your fonts and colors so you can return to them if you change your mind or revisit one you liked. It doesn’t even need to be in print! You can inspect plants, fabrics, plaques, and more!

The Spector is still in prototype stage, but the team is working quickly to get it ready for its 2018 launch date.