Seal in the Flavor With A Tortilla Towel

Tortillas: they’re like little food blankets. At some point in their life, every person wraps themselves up in a blanket and declares “I am a burrito”. It’s a universal truth that we all play “Mexican food make believe”. But what if you didn’t have to make believe anymore?
tortilla towel

Enter the Tortilla Towel. Designed in the likeness of the flour-based food at the center of everyone’s favorite wrapped Mexican dishes, these bad boys let you take your make believe game to a whole ‘nother level.

tortilla towel 2

These puppies are 5 feet in diameter and can be used indoor and out, so they’re perfect for the beach, the pool, or simply for stepping out of the shower and into a nice toasty tostada. Let your imagination run wild with the Tortilla Towel. Alternatively, if you don’t have an imagination, check out the video below.

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