Portable Pet Washing Station To Clean Your Pet Wherever You Go

Let’s face it. Animals love to be in the great outdoors. And your pet does too. But we all know the struggle of trying to get your pet in the bath when we bring him/her back inside. Well.. instead of bringing it to the tub, why don’t we bring the tub to the it? That’s exactly what Furr Dogz Pet Washing Station does.
The Furr Dogz Pet Washing Station is the world’s first ever portable pet washing station. The canister comes in a bone shape to appeal to those very special dogs to come get a nice rinse.
It’s very simple to use, you first, fill the bone shaped canister with water. Whether it be from a water source on one of your camping trips, or just before you head on out.

Second, you add your pet’s favorite shampoo or coat treatment.


Finally, you pump the handle to pressurize and rinse away!


The rubber palm and finger pads are there to help you get a deep clean and ensure your pet is squeaky clean when it comes out. It also allows to pet and massage your dog while you’re cleaning them.



The amazing thing about this product is that it helps pets become more comfortable getting bathed. An outdoor environment is much more natural to your pet than a slippery bath tub and getting sprayed by a cold garden hose isn’t that great of a feeling either.

The Furr Dogz Pet Washing Station is a must-have accessory for any family that is active and goes outdoors.

The Furr Dogz Pet Washing Station comes in at $100 for the Super Early Bird Pre-Order on Indiegogo.

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