The BarkBath Is a Shower and a Vacuum Rolled into One

Giving you dog a bath is about the worst thing in the whole world. You hate it, they hate it. It’s a mess.
BarkBath totally gets that, that’s why it’s going to bathe your dog for you.

It’s a combination of a vacuum and a hose that sprays soapy water through your dogs fur —not just on top of it.
As you drag the handle over your pup, it washes them and the vacuum sucks up the dirty water.

It only uses 50 oz of water for big dogs, so you’re saving the environment too.

The only issue is that it’s the same volume as a regular vacuum, so if your dog has vacuum trust issues it may not work.

It’s ultra portable and can be used even in nice areas of the house, as it leaves no mess.

It includes the bath unit, the hose, a storage bag, a mat, scrubbing cloth and dog shampoo.

You can order one for your pooch on Amazon.

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Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System