Make The Coolest Pancakes Around By Designing Them Yourself!

Everyone loves a delicious pancake breakfast, but imagine if you could make the pancake a shape of a heart. Or how about even better, a shape of a heart with your loved one’s face in the center? You may be thinking that’s impossible, but with the PancakeBot, you can easily do it.
Not only can you shape a heart with your loved one’s face, you can do just about any design you can possibly imagine and have the design be shaped into a pancake for you. Whether it be the Eiffel tower, a dinosaur, or even Albert Einstein, it’s all possible.


The PancakeBot uses a proprietary batter dispensing system which draws your perfectly designed pancake every time. You simply just make the design with the PancakeBot painting software (which is included), load it onto an SD card, insert it in to the PancakeBot and watch it go!


The electric griddle included in the PancakeBot is non-stick with a removable probe included. The batter dispenser to design your pancake is also BPA-free. If you’re not a great artist, you can also choose from PancakeBot’s variety of pre-made designs on their website here.


The PancakeBot is lots of fun to use and can make your delicious pancake breakfast turn into a family activity for everyone. Get yourself one today on Amazon or from the PancakeBot website.

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